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4-10 SEPTEMBER 2021


Via Carlo Ilarione Petitti 11

20149, Milano

Larmandino, an innovative and recent exhibition by the architect Elena Bosciano, welcomes its visitors to the spaces of Deposito Mele in Milan. The project develops in several phases, and will lead guests in a first immersive set-up, and then accompany them in the second phase of the concept, which will develop its embryonic idea: an enigmatic, aseptic white laboratory.

Discovering Larmandino means conversing with current and contemporary topics, such as food or family places of life or work. These are catalogued in an ideal periodic table of the elements through which the many facets of the project can be decoded.

The purpose? Generate curiosity: each visitor will be free to interpret the identity of the Larmandino, to interact with his space and decipher the information at his disposal, meeting a real discovery.

Vaccine Production Line


After graduating in Turin and moving to Milan, Elena Bosciano opened her architecture studio in 1996. This allows her to explore different facets of the design world: from the restoration of historic furniture to the transformation of disused properties.

In the last period of forced isolation, inspired by the exceptionality of the historical moment, Elena dedicated herself to the creation of particular design objects, including the Larmandino.

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